“Creativity is...seeing something that doesn't exist already. ”
(Michele Shea)

Not always a picture is worth a thousand words.
To achieve the best effect a picture has to match the text it is published with.

Various illustrations

Do you need a picture that fits the style of your company?
Technical sketches, elegant ornaments or funny cartoons - I make illustrations
specially designed for you!

Cards and letter headings

You feel like changing your corporate design?
I can help you to choose your company’s colours, I design logos and do the layout
of your business cards and letter headings.

Web design

You want to enter the World Wide Web?
I am happy to design your homepage - background, buttons, and more.


You want your company to be present in the offices of your customers or clients?
A calendar with pictures specially adapted to your company represents your business
in a unique way - all the year round!


Some facts

Parting from hand made sketches, I design the graphics and illustrations on PC.
You can get the files in many different formats, also for Mac.

Software used:

  Adobe Photoshop 7, Painter IX and others for various illustrations
  Adobe Image Ready 7 for optimizing pictures and GIF-Animations for the Web
  Adobe Illustrator 7 and Micrografx Designer 7 for vector based graphics
  NetObjects Fusion 9 for designing websites
  Bryce 6, Hexagon, Wings3D and Poser 6 for 3D-objects and true-to-life pictures and animations.

Contact me!


For some samples
of my work please
click here!

For some samples
of my work please
click here!

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