“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.” (William Butler Yeats)

In translation, it is important to render the correct meaning of the text, but style is not to be ignored. After all, you want readers to enjoy your text.

Target group oriented translation

You want to address a special readership?
No problem: tourist brochures, business homepages and technical manuals - every translation is carefully designed to fulfil its special purpose and to meet the needs of the readers.

Adaptation and text writing

You need a German text for a special occasion, but you don’t have a suitable English text for translation?
I would be pleased to give you a hand. All I need is some information, and I write an advertising brochure or a user’s manual - whatever you need.

Design and layout

You don’t want to worry about the layout of your texts?
I am happy to help you with the choice of pictures and the graphic design to fit the tastes of your target group. I also do the complete layout and draw new illustrations.

Proof reading

You are not sure about some of your German texts?
I check spelling, grammar, style and design of your texts.


Some facts

  Texts are written usually in Word 2000, but other file formats like PDF are also possible.
  Translations of websites can be made directly in the HTML-file or in an editor. 
  Layouts are done in Word 2000 or Corel Ventura 10.
  If you have special requests about the software to use please contact me. I have no problems using a new program.

Texts are delivered in the file format of your choice via e-mail or on CD-ROM. On request I can send you a printout by post.

Contact me!

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